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Constructed in Britain, the award winning UNI-LOC range of products caters for both the profesional and amateur photographer and videographer. UniLoc tripod products are perfectly happy, whether is is used indoors, outdoors or a studio.

UNI-LOC Tripods - The Concept
UNILOC Tripod Close-upDesigned with a single curved bolt locking lever, it allows each leg to be moved independently of the centre column, allowing you the freedom to lock the tripod into almost any postition. It also results in an extremely rigid tripod, versatile enough to be used in the most uneven terrain. Constructed from rigid aluminium alloy tubing, and high impact nylon mouldings, the tripods incorporate fully sealed lower leg sections with tough spiked feet, making them equally at home in the studio environment as well as the inhospitable outdoors, immersed in mud and water. The UNI-LOC range of tripods is divided into two series, the UNI-LOC Standard series and the UNI-LOC System series.

The Uniloc System tripods have been designed to grow and evolve with you, and your requirements. This tripod series comes with an array of beatifully engineered accessories that helps extend the already impressive capability of these tripods.

The UNI-LOC DuoPod supports you in more ways than one - by combining the advantages of a tripod with those of a monopod.

UNI-LOC - Many Ways To DuoPod

UNI-LOC DuoPods are perfect for saving weight while allowing you to be highly agile, especially in fluidly changing situations where you are shooting. Monopods provide good vertical stability but lack horizontal stability. Whilst a monopod is fine for most photographic still shots, it remains virtually useless for use with pan and tilt heads - especially fluid heads - unless the rotation about its axis can be eliminated. With the introduction of the DuoPod, you can now eliminate this rotational movement.

The DuoPod is not a replacement for the tripod, instead it dramatically widens the use and commercial potential of a monopod for both still and video applications in combination with lightweight fluid heads which could not previously be utilised with standard monopods.

UNI-LOC MonoPods and UNI-LOC tripod accessories complete the line-up of products.

UNILOC Tripod Heads include ball heads, pan-tilt heads, quick release heads, fluid heads are all available ex-stock.

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