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IWe are late. Probably about three years late on this - but ProPix is finally officially on Facebook. It's an easy and quick way to find out about our products, services and more importantly - get information and updates on the latest discounts and offers that we have going. As an incentive to join our group / add us we will be giving away some nice litte goodies, including USB sticks, memory cards, and cleaning kits and headphones randomly throughout June! Just follow the link below and "add" / "join the group". There isn't much to look at but we will be updating it over the next few days.
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ProPix also has its own Twitter stream. We took some time to get a hang what all the excitement was about, but we finally started seeing the many ways it's useful to keep everyone on the same page. Anyway, - please "follow" us on Twitter! We will continue to post bits of news, events and promotions, along with our usual tips, tricks and generallly useful stuff.

For those who don't know- Twitter is a way to stay continually informed with your friends and other interests such as user groups, event updates, news, road shows or anything else that may catch people's fancy. Your friends post "micro blogs" which are under 140 characters which you can receive on your e-mail, phone or ye ol' world wide web. Unfortunately this could also lead to your friends frequently publishing every minute thought they have ever had as to why their pizza is late or an exciting play by play about them sitting at a corner bar. We promise to never ever bore you with useless nonsense.

In fact, we think it could be pretty useful (such as stuff like "Nikon bundles free memory card and tripod!"), interesting (as to how to shoot that bird swooping to the water) and fun stuff every once in a while. Give it a shot - we promise only good stuff, no bullshit! So 'add' or 'follow' us at the link below:
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We are changing and we are evolving.

To better serve our customers, we are opening a new storefront. Buy professional cameras, cinema lens, lenses, audio recorders, microphones, lights, and tripods online at our all new web store. FilmGear Online Camera Shop is designed to give you the easiest buying experience for professional cinema, movie and filmakers, and photographersin India. Also available is our education series seminars and workshops.

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