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ProPix Photography Workshop - Feedback And Reviews

I have attended the Making Pictures worshop.... Ronnie is an amazing trainer... Now i understand whats an exposure.. Whats Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO and how to use them to get effectively to get amazing pictures in any available conditions....I now have understanding of how to make use of Flash and lighting.. Amazing hands on experience...Ronnie you are the best...Thanks a lot

Hymakar Valluru - Finance Exec

Ronnie, thanks for a wonderful workshop last weekend - 3-4 Sept 2011. The course was very well paced. I got to learn quite a few things. Got to handle a few really expensive lenses and see the difference they make. Got to meet & interact with some very nice folks participating the workshop. Thanks for putting us on the track to "making pictures" instead of "taking pictures". :-)

Vatsaraj Ææ - IT Engineer

I had a fantastic time last weekend (3-4 Sept) learning, refreshing and meeting up with like minded people at The Making Pictures workshop. It was fun experiencing the pro lenses and over all it was a weekend well spent...
Thanks Ronnie

Sanjeeth Boloor

The Making Pictures workshop on 3rd and 4th Sep, was absolutely brilliant! I have never made better use of a Saturday and a Sunday ;) Little bit of theory and more of practical to support it paved the way for an amazing learning session. Playing around with the studio lights for the ideal picture, getting around to use the legendary Carl Zeiss Lens and the 24-70mm were a few of the highlights, the perfect ending was provided by the Golden Hour photography session on the busiest street in Bangalore. Thanks a-lot Ronnie , this workshop has truly helped bring out the artist within me and has set me on my way into the world of light-painting :)e for sharing your vast experience with us and helping us make better photographers...

Arpn Mandl

Ronnie, I just wanted to send you a short mail regarding the workshop you held on April 30th. I learned a great deal about lighting, about patience, about quality over quantity, and about making the picture in-camera instead of taking it back home to rework on Photoshop. I also had a fantastic time and came away with several photos that I'm proud to say I shot!

Sujata Sharma - Art Student - Bangalore

"I had attended a photography workshop run by ProPix a few weeks back and found out that Ronnie is a great photographer, and he is a great teacher also. He was very patient, organised and knowledgeable. He ensured we understood what he was teaching, and that we all had time to practice what we were taught. After getting my first DSLR, attending the Making Pictures workshop is probably best money I have spent since getting into photography. Excellent workshop, outstanding teacher!"

Rajesh VM - IT Professional - Bangalore

"I had a great day with ProPix at the Making Pictures workshop today. It was very thorough and informative in a clear and concise way. Ronnie showed us his professional approach to shoots from exposure, aesthetics, lighting, wildlife photography through to a little Photoshop. Definitely one to do and worth attending should you get the chance. Thanks again Ronnie."

Lt. Col. Kiran Machaiah(Retd.) - Birder - Mysore

"I learnt a great deal with Ronnie at his photography workshop in Bangalore. He is a fantastic tutor well worth listening to. I had no choice but to learn and up my game by a fair few notches - if you get the chance attend one of his workshops - you wont look back!"

Michael Greenbank - Expat, IT Professional - Bangalore

Hi Ronnie, Your presentation today lived up to all my expectations... and more. Your whole team worked so hard and did an outstanding job for us today which we appreciate very much. Everyone I heard, had nothing but praises for you and your team. People went home very satisfied that they got their money's worth and more. For me, your talk at the beginning was 80% of the workshop. You have a very responsive and cooperative team, and it shows in your results.

Shankar R - Photography Enthusiast - Bangalore

"Just completed the Let There Be Light, lighting workshop at ProPix, a great introduction into how to light up just about any photo, whether it is indoor or outdoor. An assortment of lighting gear made available for us to try out. Well planned out day, full of information and advice, great value, fun and highly recommended to anyone. Thank you Ronnie for opening up an entirely new world of photography for me."

Gagan S - Photography Enthusiast - Bangalore

"Great person, excellent photographer. Very good at transferring knowledge in an entertaining way. A very useful and sensibly priced workshop. If you want to know about working with studio lighting, speed lights, and outdoor location lighting, highly recommended."

Prasad SK - Part Time Pro Photographer - Bangalore

"Ronnie shared more techniques, tricks and tips with practical hands-on sessions than I could have learnt in five years. I came away with new ideas and inspiration."

Aarthi D - Art Student - Bangalore

Ronnie, First I must say thank you for a marvelous learning experience. You're a terrific teacher, but that alone couldn't carry the day as well as the team you've built. It's easy to recognize everyone's high-level abilities and their professionalism. Please pass my thanks to the whole group. The amount of information I gained from your workshop is enormous – almost unbelievable. I came to the workshop wondering if I could ever be good at photography. I left the workshop certain that I could, by applying your teachings and making habits of some key points.

Dr.Nataraj S - Bangalore

"Ronnie is a very good photographer and teacher! I attended ProPix Making Pictures photography workshop, which was excellent! His experience and professionalism shines through and we all came away with amazing photographs and each having learnt a lot!"

Vijay Anand - IT Professional - Bangalore

"Thanks for a workshop which was very rewarding in terms of learning. I found that your professional, but easy going manner meant that we all learnt valuable lessons, in a friendly and productive environment. In comparison to a short college course that I took last year, I learnt more from you in two days than I did there in 4 weeks."

Yogesh Narang - Hospitality Professional - Bangalore

"Ronnie of ProPix is the Man! He got me started on a line of work where I believe I have been more than successful. I attended two workshops, photography and lighting, sometime back and all the learnings from there are what I use on an almost daily basis. Thanks Ronnie"

Girish Aiyaswamy - Sales professional turned portfolio photographer - Bangalore

"Having attended the Making Pictures workshop, I can say it's probably the best money I've invested into my photography in a long time."

Jayaraman KN - CEO, Infrastructure - Bangalore

" I am a novice in photography. I had recently attended the Making Pictures photography workshop, and I am convinced that it was the best learning experience I have ever had. Today I have so much confidence behind the camera. Ronnie provides you with the step-by-step instruction, guidance and support. He also took us through step-by-step post production editing, where you add those final touches. The time and effort that he spends with you is second to none. I would highly recommend that you attend one of the Making Pictures workshops."

Sujith Varghese - Tour Operator - Cochin

"I had a very informative 1-On-1 photography training session in a studio with Ronnie. The tuition itself was a series of moments that opens your eyes to tips, trick and techniques that goes into photography and lighting. It flows quite well, and Ronnie doesn't try to hide all his knowledge behind complicated terminology or methods. It simply boils down to 'this is what you do to capture this look' thing. Ronnie also covers some image editing and camera RAW subjects that helps you bring out strong saturated colors, without resorting to HDR. Very much recommended."

Ursula - Expat - Bangalore

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